Students/ Teaching


Ph.D Students & Post-Doctoral Scholar Supervision 

Post-doctoral Scholars Sponsored

Dr. David Johnson                  Current position: Teaching professor at the University of Kansas, University of Kansas (PhD, 2013), 02/2014 – 06/2016   

Dr. Foez Chowdhury              University of Quebec, Canada (PhD 2012), 01/ 2013 – 07/2013


PhD Dissertation Chair

Holly Wheeler (PhD., 2026)

Vito Miao (PhD, expected, 2025)

Anne Stoughton (PhD, expected, 2025)

Kevin Hirschi (PhD, expected, 2024)

Maria Kotromitina (PhD., expected, 2023), Research communication specialist, Duolingo

Kate Yaw (PhD,  2022); Tenure-track assistant professor at Southern Florida University

Mohammareza Dalman (PhD, 2022); Visiting professor at Northern Arizona University 

Mark McAndrew (PhD, 2020); Tenure-track assistant professor at Western Kentucky university

Alyssa Digirolamo (PhD, 2018); Tenure-track assistant professor at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Romy Ghanam (PhD. 2017); Tenure-track assistant professor at Northern Arizona University 


PhD Dissertation Co-Chair

Sungeun Choi (PhD, expected, 2024)

Ben Brown (PhD, expected, 2023)

Garret Larson (PhD, 2020); Educational specialist at Cambly

Valeria Bogorevich (PhD., 2018), Tenure-track assistant professor at Arizona Western College 

Meghan Moran (PhD., 2016); Composition Instructor at Northern Arizona University 

Linxiao Wang (PhD., 2015); Assessment Director in Beijing, China


PhD Dissertation Committee at NAU

Pajanit Chaipuapae (PhD.,  2019)

Maria Nelly Gutierres Arvizu (PhD. 2017), Professor at the University of Sonora, Mexico 

Tingting Kang (PhD., 2016)

Sumi Han (PhD., 2015)

Yuan Zhuang  (PhD., 2015)

Shelley Staples (PhD. 2014), Associate Professor at the University of Arizona 

Dongmei Cheng (PhD., 2013), Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University-Commerce

Sawako Matsugu (PhD., 2013)

Chomraj Patanasorn (PhD., 2010)


PhD Dissertation Committee at Other Institutions 

Rothanne Hugh (PhD., University of South Carolina, expected, 2023)

Meichan  Huang (PhD., Texas A&M University-Commerce,  2020), 

Xun Yan (PhD., Purdue University, 2015), Associate Professor at UIUC


External Examiner for Other PhD Dissertations

Rajeshwari G (PhD., ANNA UNIVERSITY, India, 2020)

Marty Pilott (PhD., Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, 2016)


Teaching/Courses Taught 


Courses Taught (Undergraduate)

ENG 220: English Grammar and Usage (large class)

ENG 308: Introduction to Linguistics (large class)

ENG 420C: World Englishes

ENG 420C: Language and Speech

ENG 485: Undergraduate Internships in Applied Linguistics

Courses Taught (MA)

ENG 504: Introduction to Linguistics

ENG 506: Introduction to American Language and Thought

ENG 538: Cross-cultural Aspects of  Language Learning

ENG 548: Fundamentals of Second Language Teaching

ENG 558: ESL Listening and Speaking

ENG 638: Assessment for Second Language Skills

ENG 668: Research Methods in Applied Linguistics

ENG 688: Practicum

ENG 587/687/787: Professional Development Seminar


Courses Taught (PhD)

ENG 702: Applied Phonology

ENG 703: Research Issues in English Language Teaching: Pronunciation

ENG 703: Speech Perception

ENG 705: Speech Production

ENG 705: Research on Speaking