Courses Taught (Undergraduate)

ENG 220: English Grammar and Usage (large class)

ENG 308: Introduction to Linguistics (large class)

ENG 420C: World Englishes

ENG 420C: Language and Speech

ENG 485: Undergraduate Internships in Applied Linguistics

Courses Taught (MA)

ENG 504: Introduction to Linguistics

ENG 506: Introduction to American Language and Thought

ENG 538: Cross-cultural Aspects of  Language Learning

ENG 548: Fundamentals of Second Language Teaching

ENG 558: ESL Listening and Speaking

ENG 638: Assessment for Second Language Skills

ENG 668: Research Methods in Applied Linguistics

ENG 688: Practicum

ENG 587/687/787: Professional Development Seminar


Courses Taught (PhD)

ENG 702: Applied Phonology

ENG 703: Research Issues in English Language Teaching: Pronunciation

ENG 703: Speech Perception

ENG 705: Speech Production

ENG 705: Research on Speaking