Co-Editor of Book Reviews

TESL-EJ Journal                                                                                                       05/2013– present

Editorial Advisory Board

TESOL Quarterly                                                                                                    11/2014 – present

Language Testing                                                                                                   07/2014 – present

The Journal of Second Language Pronunciation                                             09/2013 – present

E-JournALL, EuroAmerican Journal of Applied Linguistics and Languages   10/2013 – present

Journal of Korean Applied Linguistics                                                              10/2014 – present

Journal of Korean Speech Acts                                                                            10/2015 – present

Bilingual Publishing Co.                                                                                        06/2018 – present

Conference Organizing Committee

Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching (PSLLT) 2019, Chair      present-2019

Language Assessment Research Conference (LARC)                                                             2018

Consultant & External Reviewer                                                                    08/2008 – 10/2009

Listening and Reading Test Development

U.S. Defense Language Institute.

Journal Manuscript Reviewer

Reviewer for Language Teaching                                                                       03/2013 – present

Reviewer for Applied Linguistics                                                                       03/2013 – present

Reviewer for SSLA                                                                                                 03/2013 – present

Reviewer for TESOL Quarterly                                                                           03/2009 – present

Reviewer for Modern Language Journal                                                          08/2008 – present

Reviewer for Language Learning                                                                       10/2010 – present

Reviewer for Language Testing                                                                          10/2012 – present

Reviewer for Language Assessment Quarterly                                               08/2011 –  present

Reviewer for Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development      04/2017 – present

Reviewer for Journal of Language and Social Psychology                            02/2009 – present

Review for Studies of Second Language Acquisition                                    03/2010 – present

Reviewer for Journal of Social Psychology                                                       02/2009 – present

Reviewer for Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development      03/2017 – present

Reviewer for Language and Speech                                                                   06/3015 – present

Reviewer for Journal of Experimental Psychology                                        03/2016  – present

Reviewer for CALICO Journal                                                                             06/2010  – present

Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication              08/2008 – present

Conference Abstract Reviewer

Reviewer for AAAL                                                                                               07/2010  – present

Reviewer for PSLLT (Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching)   4/2016  – present

Reviewer for Speech Prosody                                                                              05/2016 – present

Reviewer for LARC                                                                                                                        2018

Book Proposal Reviewer

Bentham Science Publishers                                                                               07/2010  – present

Cambridge University Press                                                                                                        2017

Springer                                                                                                                                           2016

Bilingual Publishing                                                                                                                     2018

External Grant Reviewer

TOEFL Committee of Examiners (COE) Research Grant                                            2015, 2016

National Grant program in Kazakhstan                                                                        2016, 2018

Award Committee

TESOL Distinguished Research Award Committee                                         11/2014 – present

Journal of Second Language Pronunciation Dissertation Award Committee              4/2018

Applied Linguistics Area (NAU)

Coordinator, Applied Linguistics/MA-TESL programs (2018 spring)

MA-BA accelerated program developer and contact person (2017- present)

NAU – CNU online certificate program developer and contact person (2017 – present)

PhD in Applied Linguistics Admission Committee (2015 – present)

PhD in Applied Linguistics student faculty advisor (2015 – present)

MA-TESL/AL comprehensive exam coordinator (2014 – present)

GSAAL pubic talk and coffee with faculty (2016-2018)

Targeted Hiring Committee for Dr. Luke Plonsky (2017)

MA-TESL/PhD-AL Speaking Club (Founder, 2016-2017)

MA-TESL/PhD-AL program Assessment Club Faculty Advisor (Founder, 2011- 2016)

Search committee of tenure open rank positions in Applied Linguistics (2015)

MA-TESL Admission Committee (2010 – 2014)

Applied Linguistics Assistant Professor Search Committee (2012-2013)

Tenure-track Assistant Professor Search Committee (2012-2013)

Jean Zukowski/Faust Memorial TESOL Award Committee (Chair, 2012-2013)

English Department

Chair, Undergraduate Studies Committee (2017-2018)

Curriculum Committee (2015-2017)

PIE instructor search committee (2014)

Undergraduate Studies Committee (2010-2014)

PIE Lecturer and Instructor Search Committee (2012-2013)

PIE Faculty Adviser for Curriculum Development of Listening/Speaking Skills (2011 – present)

English Peaks Graduate Symposium Committee (2008-2010)

PIE faculty advisor for curriculum development (2009)


College of Arts and Letters (CAL) and University

Diversity Sub-Committee of the UCC (2016 – present)

NAU’s representative for international education for Chungnam National University (2016 – present)

Faculty Adviser for International Christian club (2013 – present)

Research network meeting panel through Vice President for Research office (2015-2017)

Faculty Adviser for Korean Language and Culture Club (2013-2017)

University Library Committee (2009-2016)

NEH Summer Stipend Program, Proposal Reviewer (2015)

Faculty Grant Program Review Committee (2012-2015)