04/2021          President’s Award for Faculty and Academic Professionals, NAU 2021-2022

03/2020           Research and Creative Activity NAU 2020 Award for Graduate Research Mentorship

03/2019           Nominee,  Most Significant Innovation in Technology Transfer of Commercialization, NAU 2019

09/2018            500 Women Scientists

06/2016            Scholar selected for Language Learning Scholar-in-Residence 2016

05/2013            TOEFL Outstanding Young Scholar Award by the TOEFL Grants and Awards based on the numerous professional activities and contributions to the field of language assessment.

09/2012            Most Promising New Scholar at NAU  Award. For the demonstration of outstanding achievement in the areas of research, innovation, international scope, collaboration, productivity, external funding, etc.

06/2010            Christopher Brumfit PhD/Ed.D. Thesis 2009 Award by Cambridge University Press and Journal of Language Teaching: Highly competitive both nationally and internationally. The dissertation was recognized for its significant and original contribution to the field of SLA and/or FL teaching and learning.

01/2010            Finalist, Jacqueline Ross TOEFL® Dissertation 2009 Award, by Educational Testing Service: The dissertation was recognized for its contribution to knowledge about second or foreign language tests and testing and/or the use and development of such tests and testing.

12/2005          Virginia Macagone QUIG Scholarship: 2006 Interdisciplinary Qualitative Studies Conference.

02/2005          Louise McBee Scholarship, Georgia Association for Women in Education

03/2003          M.A. First Class Honors, the University of Auckland

09/2002         Auckland University Partnership Awards, the University of Auckland.