01/2021-06/2024     Collaborative research: Second Language Speech Production: Formulation  of Objective Speech Intelligibility Measures and Learner-Specific Feedback. NSF RETTL: Research on Emerging Technologies for Teaching and Learning. Collaborators: John Hansen (University of Texas-Dallas), Catia Cucchiarini and Helmer Strik (Redboud University, the Netherlands). $850,000 ( pending)

07/2021-06/2022  Development of second language speech corpus. Scholarly Creativity Award, NAU ($6000)

01/2021-01/2022 Fairness of using different accents in Duolingo listening tasks. 2021 Duolingo Competitive Research Grants program. ($94,348).

01/2021-01/2022     Test takers’ attitudes and perceptions towards IELTS and the sse of mobile-assisted technologies in tests. IELTS Joint Funded Research Program 2020. ($29,844).

04/2021-04/2022    Relationship among young learner background, language growth, and score gain on MET Go! over time. The Barbara Dobson Latin America Research Grant. ($4,000).

07/2019 – 06/2021 Relationship between Young English Language Learners’ Backgrounds and their Proficiency in English, Alianza Inter-Universitaria Sonora-Arizona, Fondo de Apoyo para el Fomento de la Investigación sobre la Región Sonora-Arizona, with Naria Nelly Gutierrez Arvizu ($5,000).

05/2019 – 06/2020 Developing an Affective Interactive Oral Communication Tutor, Research Bridge or Seeds Awards, NAU ($15,000).

11/2019 – 6/2019     College of Arts and Letters Research Grant, NAU ($2,500).

2019 – 2020          Investigation of Relationship among Learner Background, Linguistic Progression, and Score Gain on IELTS, 2019 IELTS Research Grants and Awards, ($50,972).

2018 – 2019          The Language Learning Roundtable conference program, Language Learning. ($9,700).

7/2018-6/2019       Linguistic analysis of spoken discourse. Scholarly Creativity Award, NAU ($6000)

11/2017-11/2018   Application development for prosody-based automated scoring systems. The Global and Interdisciplinary Research Fund Program, Center for International Education, NAU ($6000).

10/2017-6/2018     College of Arts and Letters Research Grant, NAU ($1,000)

3/2017-3/2018       Linguistic analysis of speaking performance and automated extraction. British Council Research Grants with total of $15,040.

6/2013-3/2017       Intelligibility of Different Varieties of English in the TOEFL iBT Listening Test, 2012-2013 iBT TOEFL Committee of Examiners (COE) Research Grants with total of $106,849.

1/2014-1/2017   Development of communicative features in automated speech systems. Post-doctoral research support grants. Technology  Research Investment Fund (TRIF); with total of $200,000.

7/2013-5/2014         Communication enhancement among high school students from diverse ethnic and linguistic backgrounds.  The 2014 NAU Scholarly and Creative Arts award with total of $6,000.

1/2013-6/2014         Impact of Different Task Types on Candidates’ Speaking Performances and Interactive Features that Distinguish between CEFR Levels. Cambridge ESOL with total of $21,314.

4/2012 -5/2013      Enhancing communication between U.S. undergraduates and international students through structured contact activities, TOEFL Board Grants with total of $ 14,997.

2/2012 – 6/2013     Enhancing US undergraduate students’ tolerance to linguistic diversity through structured intercultural courses, NAU Faculty Grant Program, with total of  $6,200.

9/2011- 9/2012      An ethnographic interpretation of cultural immersion in study abroad programs and their impact on student learning in the foreign language class, Pedagogical Research Challenge Awards; with total of $15,000.

9/2011 – 10/2012    Impact of collaborative project-based intercultural interaction. Institutional assessment and studies, University of Virginia with Shelly Staples and Liz Wittner with total of $2,000.

8/2011-8/2012       Demonstrating PIE students’ linguistic gains in pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary, PIE Research Grant with total of $8, 851.

7/2011-6/2012       Thresholds of second language study for overseas immersion , Faculty Grant Program, Northern Arizona University with total of $11,200.  

06/2011-06/2012    Linguistic Analysis of Speaking Features Distinguishing General English Exams at CEFR levels B1 to C2 and Examinee L1 Backgrounds. Cambridge ESOL with total of $19, 404.

5/2011-5/2012        Thresholds of second language study for overseas immersion, TOEFL Board Grants  with total of $14,965.

5/2010-5/2011        Students’ Individual Characteristics that Predict Success in Studying Languages Abroad. TOEFL Board Grants  with total of $14,999.

7/2010-6/2011       Undergraduate Students’ Individual Characteristics that Predict Success in Studying Languages Abroad. Faculty Grant Program, Northern Arizona University with total of $5,000.  

07/2009 – 6/2010    Validation of oral proficiency test, College of Arts and Letters (CAL) summer research grant. Northern Arizona University grant funded for a total of $ 6,000.

07/2008 -10/2008   Acoustic analysis as part of  the project, TOEFL COE Research Grant (PI: Joan Jamieson) for a total of $74,998.

05/2007 – 06/2008   Center for the Advancement and Study of International Education (CASIE) Fund. Grant funded for a total of $ 8,000.

05/2006-05/2007    iBT TOEFL COE Research Grants by Educational Testing Service (ETS) with Don Rubin at University of Georgia. Grant funded by ETS for a total of $89,000.

01/2006 – 06/2007   Spaan Fellowship Fund. the University of Michigan. Grant funded for a total of $5,000.

Awards & Honors

04/2021         Recipient, President’s Award for Faculty and Academic Professionals, 2021-2022

03/2020         Recipient, Research and Creative Activity NAU 2020 Award for Graduate Research Mentorship

09/2018         500 Women Scientists

06/2016        Recipient, Scholar selected for Language Learning Scholar-in-Residence

05/2013        Recipient, TOEFL Outstanding Young Scholar Award by the TOEFL Grants and Awards based on the numerous professional activities and contributions to the field of language assessment.

09/2012         Recipient, “Most Promising New Scholar at NAU” award. For the demonstration of outstanding achievement in the areas of research, innovation, international scope, collaboration, productivity, external funding, etc.

06/2010         Recipient, Winner of Christopher Brumfit PhD/Ed.D. Thesis 2009 Award by Cambridge University Press and Journal of Language Teaching: Highly competitive both nationally and internationally. The dissertation was recognized for its significant and original contribution to the field of SLA and/or FL teaching and learning.

01/2010         Finalist,  Jacqueline Ross TOEFL® Dissertation 2009 Award Finalist by Educational Testing Service: The dissertation was recognized for its contribution to knowledge about second or foreign language tests and testing and/or the use and development of such tests and testing.

03/2008         University of Georgia Dissertation Award

12/2005         Virginia Macagone QUIG Scholarship: 2006 Interdisciplinary Qualitative Studies Conference.

02/2005          Louise McBee Scholarship, Georgia Association for Women in Education

03/2003          M.A. First Class Honors, the University of Auckland

09/2002          Auckland University Partnership Awards, the University of Auckland.